Jett Plasma Pen and Plasma Shower

Jett Plasma Shower is used to tighten the skin by helping to improve elasticity of membranes and build up collagen.

$350/per session (includes full face and neck)


  • No downtime
  • Quick sessions (25min each)
  • No pain
  • Result visible after the 1st session
  • 4-10 sessions one week apart recommended for result lasting up to 6 months
  • Can be used on any part of the body

Unlike Plasma Shower that gives an overall lift to your face and neck, Jett Plasma Pen  uses a unique direct current technology to treat particular wrinkles and is used for one or more areas of the face/neck/body.  Plasma pen procedure is performed with numbing cream, has a 7 day downtime, 3-5 sessions one month apart  are recommended with results lasting 2-7 years.

$400 per area per session except around the eyes ($600), forehead ($500), and neck ($1200).