Holistic Facials

Truly Holistic Facials 

45 min-$200. All Inclusive.

Basic Holistic Facial is 100% organic and is suitable for all types of skin. This facial relaxes your face while gently purifying your skin, leaving it glowing and refreshed. The facial starts with an application of an organic grapeseed oil, followed by an organic rosemary toner, organic raw brown sugar scrub, organic lemon peel, organic seaweed+wheatgrass mask, and an organic rose water moisturizer.

Holistic Calming Facial is recommended for sensitive skin with mild acne and redness. This facial will leave your face feeling healed and rested. The facial includes an organic sweet almond oil cleanser, an organic chamomile toner, a handcrafted organic oats+lavendar+camomile scrub, a soothing organic raw honey+powedered goats milk mask, and an aloe vera moisturizer (yes, we cut a piece of a live aloe vera plant just for you!).

Holistic Deep Cleansing Facial is ideal for unclogging the pores and removing dead skin. The facial includes a massage with a pure unfiltered cold-pressed organic coconut oil, followed by a witch hazel toner, hand-crafted Organic oats+hymalayan pink salt+almond flour scrub, organic unfiltered apply cider vinegar acid peel, activated charcoal+gelatin mask, and a carrot oil moisturizer.

Holistic Geisha Facial combines the best of Asian holistic beauty treatments. It is great for treating first wrinkles and toning the skin. The facial includes a sesame oil cleanser, an organic green tea toner, an organic rice bran+mushroom scrub, an organic lime acid peel, an organic green tea+clay mask, and a camellia oil moisturizer.

Holistic Vitamin-Rich Facial is specifically designed for tired and dull looking skin that needs a quick vitamin boost. The facial includes an organic jojoba oil cleanser, an organic rosemary toner, a handcrafted organic coffee+coco powder scrub, an organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar acid peel, an organic Acai berry+aloe vera mask, and a rosehip oil as a moisturizer.