Classic Facials

Classic Facials
45 min- $200. All inclusive.

Acne Facial with Tea Tree oil cleanser and a mask followed by a high-frequency treatment is ideal for fading your acne and brightening your skin. High-frequency waves have been successfully used to kill bacteria and invigorate circulation. An application of a high potency, proprietary formulated Retinolic acid cream by a renowned plastic surgeon Dr.Cenedese is what makes this facial unique and very effective.

Balancing Facial is uniquely designed to restore the skin balance and to delivery nutrients deep into your skin. We use probiotic skincare that introduces “good” bacteria into your skin to help recover its natural beauty and radiance. LED light perform during the facial encourages cellular stimulation for skin renewal and healing. This facial is aimed to address the first signs of aging.

Herbal Facial is aimed at awaking dry and tired skin, and bringing gentle nature pulsation into your face. We use only high-end, European herbal skin care products that are made of fragrant herbs, plants, and flowers. Intensive massage, combined with healing and rejuvenating power of nature, gentle plant-based peel, and regenerating herbal mask will make you look radiant again.

Nourishing Facial is performed using an oxygen machine that delivers oxygen into the deeper layers of your skin. This treatment minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and restores skin elasticity. The facial is supplemented with an exclusively formulated oxygen product with a 95% oxygen content, as well as collagen and vitamin C.

Purifying Facial with a natural charcoal cleanser and an organic microdermabrasion treatment is specifically designed to remove impurities and dead cells from your face. Our organic microdermabrasion machine uses organic walnut shells instead of crystals, and is the most natural, effective, and safest way to restore your youthful appearance. This facial will gently exfoliate your skin and leave it looking clean and luminous.

Thermal Water Facial is suitable for all types of skin and is 100% chemical free. Only the best European-made, thermal water products are used, and they will leave your skin feeling very hydrated and soft. It is an ideal post laser, post travel, sun damaged and eczema prone skin facial.

Totally Organic Facial is great for your skin and for the planet. We use only the best, award-winning organic skincare products, which are free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, and synthetic colors and fragrances. Production of organic skincare lines brings great benefits to our planet as it often includes sustainable farming practices, uses solar and wind energy, and recycled materials for packaging. The facial is suitable for all skin types, and will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated.